The Wrath of the Centaur 3–Exclusive Discount!


Hello my lusty readers! Ganging Up: The Wrath of the Centaur Three is available for purchase at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks. But if you want a special deal join my mailing list and you will receive a copy for only $0.99 on Smashwords!

Join my mailing list here.

I also have some steals posted up on All Romance Ebooks:

My new release, Mrs. Jones #1 MILF 3-Pack is on sale on for just $1.04! This is a limited time offer, and a pretty good one considering it’s over 1400 words of delicious fun.

Also, The Dragon’s Mistress is on sale for only $0.69 after rebate! So if you’re a fan of monster erotica, I recommend you give it a try–you don’t have much to lose do you?

I also have a new tumblr that I’m super excited about. Be warned, it is very graphic and extremely NSFW. It’s more for monster sex fans than anything else!

Happy reading 😉


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